Paris styles itself as the “City of Lights” but, in reality, Los Angeles could lay claim to the very same title. L.A. has over 210,000 streetlights. Look at it from a plane on a clear night and all you see is a brilliant lace of diamonds spread across an endless expanse of black velvet lining. Other American cities, say New York or Chicago, sparkle brightly, but L.A. is bent on shining more for less money.

Four years ago, L.A. began a large-scale conversion to LED street lighting and has installed 140,000 LED streetlights so far. The technology is many times more efficient than traditional lighting sources. But many cities are now using LEDs. L.A. city elders went a step further.

The city’s Bureau of Street Lighting has been working with GE Lighting to make those LEDs even more efficient. The pilot project is using GE’s LightGrid technology that allows city lighting engineers to monitor most streetlights remotely, gather and analyze illumination data, and make informed decisions about when to turn the lights on and off. Until now, this has not been possible.

Officials ultimately plan to install a remote control system into the light sensor of each roadway fixture.

L.A. authorities can then use the data to manipulate the city’s illumination network to make sure lighting is on when it is needed, and dimmed or turned-off when it isn’t. This is particularly effective for middle-of-the-night operations in low traffic areas.

“GE’s ability to connect our newest roadway lighting systems technologies and utilize analytic capabilities help municipalities drive customer cost savings, predict and prevent problem areas, while improving overall performance for a brighter, faster and safer world,” says Jaime Irick, general manager – North America Professional Solutions.

It’s brilliant idea that will make the stars in L.A. shine even brighter.