Data Analysis

SystemModeler 4 Modeling and Simulation Tool

Wolfram Research, Inc.

SystemModeler 4 is a physical modeling and simulation environment for cyber-physical systems. Using drag-and-drop from a large selection of built-in and expandable modeling libraries, users can build multi-domain models of their complete system.

Simulink Real-Time

The Mathworks, Inc.

Simulink Real-Time enables engineers to build, test, and run real-time applications from Simulink models on dedicated target computer hardware connected to their physical systems, providing a complete end-to-end real-time simulation and testing solution.

Grapher 11 Scientific Graphics Software

Golden Software, Inc.

Grapher 11 scientific graphics software is a 2-D and 3-D graphing program designed primarily for scientists, engineers and business professionals. It converts data into more than 60 fully customizable graph types. Features include polar vector plots, ternary class scatter plots, and 2-D and 3-D doughnut plots.

High Performance Computing

AMD Opteron 64-Bit ARM-Based Developer Kits

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

The AMD Opteron A1100-Series developer kit features AMD's first 64-bit ARM-based processor, codenamed "Seattle." The processor supports 4 and 8 ARM Cortex-A57 cores; up to 4 MB of shared L2 and 8 MB of shared L3 cache; configurable dual DDR3 or DDR4 memory channels with ECC at up to 1866...

FirePro W8100 Professional Graphics Card


The FirePro W8100 professional graphics card is designed to enable new levels of workstation performance delivered by the second-generation AMD Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture. Powered by OpenCL, it is ideal for the next generation of 4K CAD (computing-aided design) workflows, engineering analysis and supercomputing applications.

A-Class Supercomputer System

The A-Class Supercomputer System is a highly integrated platform designed to simplify the transition to multi-petaflops computations. The system features two independent head nodes, 256 compute nodes and 60 InfiniBand and Ethernet switches, all tightly coupled into a single, powerful computing resource.

Informatics & Data Management

Sample Scheduler for OpenLAB Chromatography Data System

Agilent - Daq

Sample Scheduler for OpenLAB CDS is designed to simplify sample management with laboratory information management systems (LIMS). The EZChrom Edition effectively provides master sequence control by integrating all laboratory chromatography systems into a single user interface.

GeneMarker Genotype Analysis Software

SoftGenetics, LLC

GeneMarker software includes an integrated replicate comparison tool for use in ecology, agricultural and clinical research. The tool automatically groups replicate samples within a project and provides immediate flagging to notify researchers of any discordant allele calls.

Clarity MS Extension

Dataapex Ltd.

The Clarity MS Extension control driver for Advion’s expression compact mass spectrometers (CMS) includes both digital control of the detector and digital data acquisition of the detector signal. It also allows performance of all service operations necessary for the detector from the Device Monitor software window.

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