Kate Mace, SC14 SCinet ChairGlobal research and education networks make up a critical circulatory system that supports the HPC community — connecting researchers in all domains to their collaborators, their experiments, their data and their computing resources, regardless of geographic location. At SC, we work to build one of the most powerful networks in the world — called SCinet — that uniquely allows exhibitors and attendees to demonstrate their brand new research live on the SC exhibit floor.

This month, SC is focusing on SCinet which not only provides super high capacity connections but operates using the latest networking techniques in software defined networking, new transport protocols, and performance measurement. Combined, these networking techniques allow scientists to use HPC resources in the most effective and efficient way. For SC13, SCinet delivered just under one terabit of bandwidth to the show floor for our exhibitors and attendees. Plans for SC14 are well underway and we're anticipating even greater capacity as our teams of expert engineers strive to provide the best platform for unique live demonstrations and breakthrough network research experimentation.

As your SCinet chair this year, I'd like to invite all the exhibitors and researchers to bring your data-intensive research and your terabytes of data to SC to show what you can do with SCinet's high performance network. We have opened the Call for Network Resources and encourage you to think about the connections you will need to run your HPC demos, experiments, and visualizations at SC14. I also encourage your participation in a Technical Program Workshop focused on network research.

We look forward to pushing the boundaries of SCinet's capabilities further every year to show what the HPC community can really do, and we hope you will join us in this effort.

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