Editorial Information

Scientific Computing is an exclusively digital brand providing focused coverage of computer technology for the scientific community, featuring technical software, computer systems and related hardware, as well as the latest applications and techniques that can aid in advancing scientific research. All submissions are for online-only publication. All questions, comments and submissions should be sent to Bea Riemschneider, Editorial Director, at Bea.Riemschneider@advantagemedia.com.

Editorial Guidelines
Subject matter changes with each issue. Please refer to our Editorial Calendar to see what topics may be applicable to you.

The editors invite contributions from researchers and scientists in professional and academic settings. Contributions from technical specialists in vendor communities are welcome, but must adhere to editorial guidelines for objective, noncommercial writing.

  • Abstract: Submit a brief abstract and a list of proposed illustrations and graphics. After review, the editors will specify a word count and submission deadline, if interested. Include author name, title, and affiliation.
  • Word Count: Contributed content should aim for 500 to 1,000 words. For information on longer, more in-depth articles or article series, please contact the editor.
  • Objectivity: Content cannot explicitly promote any company or its products/services. All statements about performance or claims must be supported by references to published literature.
  • Exclusivity: Manuscripts or abstracts should not have been published previously and should be submitted to Drug Discovery & Development on an exclusive basis. All manuscripts are subject to review and editing. The editorial staff makes all decisions regarding publication of articles.
  • Images: All content should be accompanied by images. One to two files, JPEG or PNG format, are preferred for online use. One-sentence image captions (with credit) should be included in the submission email or within the body of the article.
  • Videos: The editors will review submitted videos to augment by-lined articles.
  • References: References are discouraged. If the information is important enough to be cited, please do so within the text of the article (citation links).
  • Topics: For a sample of some of the topics we cover, please see our 2017 Content Calendar. If you would like to explore a topic not listed on the Content Calendar, please reach out to the editorial director.

SC Style

Some tips and style suggestions for successfully submitting content to Scientific Computing:

  • Use “said” not “says” when quoting someone.
  • Do not use “I,” “you,” or “we” in the text.
  • Spell out numbers one through nine.
  • Use “percent” not %.
  • No double space before a sentence.
  • Use last name only and leave off titles (Dr., Professor, etc.) on second reference of a person. We use Ph.D. after a person's name instead of doctor.
  • Don’t use footnotes or references. Important information should be incorporated into the article.
  • Submit a short, captivating headline to engage readers.

Contact Information

Bea Riemschneider
Editorial Director, Scientific Computing
Phone: 973.920.7029

Ryan Bushey
Digital Editor
Phone: 973.920.7044

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