Scientific Computing’s focused coverage of software and related hardware technologies for the scientific and engineering communities highlights the latest applications, best practices, and integration strategies that can aid in advancing research and in delivering quality results better, faster, and cheaper. Areas of focus include informatics, data analysis, data acquisition, integration and interfacing, and automation.

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  4 The New Frontier of Biologics ELN

The rapid pace of biologics growth has left companies in informatics catch-up


10 Less is More: Adopting a Self-documenting Paperless Mindset

Scientists are no longer only in the lab, but integrated into the entire process life cycle

14 FDA's Focus on Laboratory Data Integrity

A look at this current emphasis and a few problems inspectors have identified


19 Hardware for Big Data, Graphs and Large-scale Computation

Integrated ARM/GPU technology and standalone Intel Xeon Phi devices will accelerate the transition away from the PCIe bus


23 Contingency Tables: A Special Class of Analysis

Several tests can provide an understanding of the relationship between X and Y

26 Applied Regression Modeling

Written to be easily absorbed by its audience, many majors may profitably use this book