Power & Cooling Issue Highlights:


HPC Power and Cooling Heat Up
Until recently, advances in HPC hardware took center stage, but now strategies for coping with escalating power and cooling requirements
are in the spotlight

SPONSORED CASE STUDY: National Renewable Energy Lab slashes data center power costs
with HP servers

Is TSUBAME-KFC a Game-changer?
Japan's prototype marks a significant increase in infrastructure
and system efficiencies

SPONSORED CASE STUDY: IT efficiency races forward in eBay Inc. data
centers with HP EcoPODs

Power and Cooling: The Sword of Damocles?
Consistently ranked as the number two concern for HPC data centers,
power and cooling face big unknowns

Is Your Computer Thirsty?
Liquid-cooled hardware is silent cooling at far greater density
than would be possible with air-cooling