Paperless Lab AcademyMay 13-14, 2014

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

It is pure waste to perform labor-intensive hunting for information across multi-vendor, multi-technique databases, manual transcription checking and manually creating reports. Many laboratory integration projects are under pressure to deliver and exceed expectations and business objectives, as defined at initial start during the kick-off. The need to be able to cross-functionally collaborate between research, development, quality assurance and manufacturing is exponentially expanding due to new corporate goals to reduce costs while increase quality and productivity. Today's significant social and technological breakthroughs will require a fundamental re-think and re-design of how companies integrate new scientific methods in their research and manufacturing laboratory automation operations.

Paperless laboratory is the result of a mindset change. The theme of the congress focusses on the relevant aspects moving from paper towards “less paper” operations across the entire value chain (start to finish). The Paperless Lab Academy congress will include many industry presentations as well as targetted interactive workshops, to demonstrate how your multi-discipline laboratory informatics requirements may be integrated from beginning to end. Self-documenting processes in both GxP and non-compliant documentation, will result in an intelligent re-use of knowledge in research and a significant reduction of cost in manufacturing to support corporate Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) targets.

I like to welcome you at The Paperless Lab Academy to get concrete answers and ideas learning how to address these challenges in your organization during the presentations and multiple themed workshops. Thanks to our event sponsors we are able to offer industry delegates a free entry to the congress.

Peter J. Boogaard
CEO Industrial Lab Automation and organizer of the Paperless Lab Academy