CHICAGO – Nine scientists are being honored as SLAS Innovation Award finalists, but only one will receive a $10,000 cash prize at SLAS2014, the Third Annual SLAS Conference and Exhibition, which will be held January 18 to 22, 2014, at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, CA.

The annual SLAS Innovation Award recognizes extraordinary achievement in innovative laboratory science and technology. After considering abstracts by more than 83 SLAS2014 podium presenters, the SLAS Innovation Award panel of judges invited 20 to submit extended abstracts for further scrutiny. Finalists were elected after the judges determined that these scientists offered fundamental studies to develop new technology for the laboratory; a new application of technology to laboratory automation or screening; or a use of technology to solve a unique problem.

The nine 2014 SLAS Innovation Award finalists who will compete for a $10,000 cash prize at SLAS2014 are:

  • Michelle Arkin, University of California, San Francisco, CA (USA) Whole-Organism Screening for Parasitic Diseases
  • Leroy Cronin, University of Glasgow, Scotland (UK) Programmable Synthesis and Integrated Chemical Discovery Enabled by 3D-Printed Reactionware
  • Matthew Disney, The Scripps Research Institute, Jupiter, FL (USA) Using HTS to Define a Basis Set of RNA Motif – Small Molecule Interactions to Enable the Design of Chemical Probes Targeting RNA
  • Yi Lu, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ (USA) Electrokinetic Sample Preparation and Volume Reduction for Single-Cell Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing and Pathogen Detection
  • Jason Poulos, Librede, Los Angeles, CA (USA) High-Throughput Artificial Membrane Platform for DNA Nanopore Sequencing
  • Jason Rolland, Diagnostics For All, Cambridge, MA (USA) Paper-Based Sensors for Low-Cost Diagnostics
  • Vibhu Vivek, Microsonic Systems, San Jose, CA (USA) Using Bulk Lateral Ultrasonic (BLU) Energy for Increasing Hybridization Kinetics
  • Meiye Wu, Sandia National Laboratories, Livermore, CA (USA) Micofluidic Platform for the Multiplexed Detection of Mirna, Mrna, and Proteins at Single-Cell Resolution
  • Mehmet Yanik, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA (USA) In Vivo Cellular-Resolution High-Throughput Whole-Animal Phenotyping

The winner of the 2014 SLAS Innovation Award will be announced and celebrated during the SLAS2014 Closing Session on Wednesday, Jan. 22.

The 2013 SLAS Innovation Award winner was Andrea Weston, Ph.D., of Bristol-Myers Squibb, Wallingford, CT, who presented “Making a Quantum Leap in Mass Spectrometry Throughput: Applying the NextVal MassInsight Technology to Monitor Cytochrome P450 Enzyme Inhibition in Human Liver Microsomes.”  In 2012, Dan Dongeun Huh, Ph.D., of Harvard University, Boston, MA, USA, was honored for his presentation, “A Human Breathing Lung-on-a-Chip for Drug Screening and Nanotoxicology Applications.”

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