Altair has announced that the National Supercomputing Center for Energy and the Environment (NSCEE) at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, (UNLV) has chosen PBS Professional to replace its previous high-performance computing (HPC) workload management implementation.
“We needed an HPC supplier we could trust to be there for us, and an HPC workload manager we could trust to work,” said Joseph Lombardo, Executive Director at NSCEE. “Altair and PBS Professional are the solution we’ve been looking for. Altair is an outstanding supplier and partner — their responsiveness and support have made a huge difference and really differentiate them from our previous supplier. We plan to move all our clusters to PBS Professional.”
NSCEE is a full-service supercomputing facility supporting academic and research institutions, government and private industry for research and development related to energy, the environment, medical informatics and health care delivery. NSCEE maintains the most HPC systems in Nevada, with projects addressing a range of national scientific challenges and a user base across 24 states and four countries (US, Germany, Japan and Canada).
NSCEE is migrating all of its clusters from its previous commercial workload management system to PBS Professional, which researchers and scientists will utilize to power their computational research.
“PBS Professional has simplified the administration of our compute clusters immensely,” said Ron Young, Research Support Analyst at NSCEE. “What used to cause problems with our old workload management software is now simple. This is a much lighter-weight solution that gives us more flexibility in configuring the system.”
"We’re honored to be supporting the life-changing work NSCEE researchers are doing," said Bill Nitzberg, chief technology officer of PBS Works at Altair. "In particular, NSCEE is using their new PBS Professional systems to power genomic research related to Alzheimer’s Disease. Their researchers are expanding their data set by 10,000 patients requiring a massive leap in computational requirements — which is where PBS Professional comes in. Our goal is to combine reliable technology with unbeatable support, so our users can focus 100 percent on their work and get even more done.”
A longtime leader in HPC workload management, Altair’s PBS Professional has been used for more than 20 years at thousands of customer sites to easily share distributed computing resources across geographic boundaries. PBS Professional is the flagship product for PBS Works, a comprehensive suite for optimizing HPC and cloud computing environments including portal products for job management, analytics and remote visualization.