Dirk Slama will convey his vision of the Internet of ThingsThe second ISC Big Data conference themed “From Data To Knowledge,” builds on the success of the inaugural 2013 event. A comprehensive program has been put together by the Steering Committee under the leadership of Sverre Jarp, who retired officially as the CTO of CERN openlab in March of this year.

The conference will present attendees with the latest developments in data-centric computing from both industry players and researchers. While last year’s conference offered a broad focus on big data in the enterprise, this year’s event will maintain that wider perspective and also provide more pragmatic content for practitioners.

The Internet of Things Keynote
Dirk Slama, Director of Business Development, Bosch Software Innovation
Slama will convey his vision of the Internet of Things, a world in which assets, devices, machines, and cloud-based applications seamlessly interoperate, enabling new business models and services. He will discuss key success factors for the IoTs and present a framework that he believes will help enable that success.

Stefan Wrobel will discuss the ways big data is currently being used in the enterprise.Big Data – Successes & Challenges beyond the Hype Keynote
Stefan Wrobel, director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems (IAIS) and Professor of Computer Science at University of Bonn
Wrobel has already published extensively on subjects in the areas of data mining and machine learning and has given several important presentations on big data topics. In his keynote, he will discuss the ways big data is currently being used in the enterprise, as well as in the broader context of society. He will also talk about the most critical issues companies face when employing big data technologies.

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ISC Big Data Topics
Sessions will cover successful use cases, ongoing big data projects, security and privacy concerns in big data, the use of visual analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT).
Another series of sessions will focus on Hadoop, the well-known and rapidly evolving parallel framework for processing some of the largest datasets in the world. Enhanced or alternative frameworks, now available from a growing array of companies, will also be explored.

Conference attendees will receive practical information regarding the latest technologies and trends in a domain that is rapidly moving into a dominant position in computing. Topics include: 

  • The Internet of Things
  • A Deep Dive into the Hadoop Ecosystem
  • Premier Case Studies
  • Security and Privacy
  • Visual Analytics
  • A special keynote from Platinum sponsor Intel will also be presented.

 The complete program is available here.