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LabVIEW 2015 System Design Software

LabVIEW 2015 system design software standardizes the way users interact with almost any hardware through the reuse of the same code and engineering processes across systems, saving time and money as technology advances, requirements evolve and time-to-market pressure increases.

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DAPtools 6.2 Server/Driver Software

DAPtools 6.20 allows data acquisition processor products for PC-based high-performance measurement and data acquisition applications to run under the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system with no application changes required at the source code or binary compiled code levels.

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DT7816 Real Time ARM-Based Data Acquisition Module

The DT7816, a real-time ARM-based, high throughput, high accuracy, simultaneous data acquisition module. For use in embedded applications, the module is an open-source Linux platform that runs out-of-the-box with extensive example programs using TI’s SDK Essentials package.

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Signal Processing Component Library for .NET

The Signal Processing Component Library for .NET is a comprehensive library of .NET components designed for rapid development of signal processing applications in the sound and vibration marketplace. Each component contains properties and methods that can be used to perform single-channel (spectrum, auto-spectrum, power spectral density) and two-channel (...

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LPW POWDERSOLVE Metal Powder Characterization Management System

LPW POWDERSOLVE software is designed to enable higher efficiency and better quality control in additive manufacturing (AM). It is a secure, online, fully searchable metal powder characterization management system that handles all the analytical data required to assess the performance of AM metal powders.

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Seahorse Scientific Workbench

Seahorse Scientific Workbench is a vendor-neutral software suite for capturing, analyzing and sharing analytical data. The software consolidates raw and result data from multiple experimental techniques in a single tool, based on the emerging ASTM AnIML Data Standard. It captures each step of the workflow and presents it in its entirety.

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WinWedge 3.5 Data Collection Software

WinWedge 3.5 collects data from laboratory instruments, balances, pH meters, moisture analyzers, micrometers, flow meters, temperature sensors, bar code scanners, GPS receivers, and other serial output devices. It is designed to easily input data in real time into MS Excel or any Windows application software and to be quick and easy to set up for any instrument.

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