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InterFACER is a middleware that can interface any clinical in-vitro diagnostic instrument and point of care diagnostic space. The basic design concept of InterFACER took the solution approach of a...

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San Jose, CA – Bright Computing, the leading provider of vendor-independent cluster and cloud management software, released Version 7.3 of Bright Cluster Manager™ and Bright...

Increases storage density while decreasing footprint and operational expenses

Equus Computer Systems, Inc., one of America’s largest manufacturers of custom hardware solutions,...

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Nytro XP6500 Flash Accelerator Card

The Seagate Nytro XP6500 is a PCIe flash accelerator card delivering the lowest write latency within the Nytro product portfolio, improving response time in applications requiring high Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS) and bandwidth suitable for a broad range of workloads.

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DIAdem 2015 Software

DIAdem is software specifically designed to help engineers and scientists quickly locate, inspect, analyze, and report on measurement data collected during data acquisition and/or generated during simulations using one software tool. It is designed to meet the demands of testing environments.

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Nytro XF1440 and XM1440 NVMe SSDs

Nytro XF1440 2.5”and Nytro XM1440 M.2 non-volatile memory express solid state drives are power efficient, high performance NVMe SSDs available in ultra-small form factors. Offering a balance of power and performance, these drives are engineered to increase storage density, while reducing the storage footprint and power use in data centers.


1200.2 Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) Solid State Drive (SSD)

The 1200.2 Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) Solid State Drive (SSD) is the first product to result from a strategic alliance between Seagate and Micron Technology. The framework established between Seagate and Micron has led to the development and production of this next-generation, high-capacity SAS SSD platform.


RSC Tornado Cluster Solution

The RSC Tornado cluster solution’s new generation has improved footprint and computing density, energy efficiency, high operational stability of computing nodes in "hot water" mode with +65 оC cooling agent temperature at node output.

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DDN EXAScaler 7000 (ES7K) Storage Appliance

The DDN EXAScaler 7000 (ES7K) is an entry-level, turnkey Lustre storage appliance that leverages Lustre 2.5 pre-installed and fully optimized for the appliance. It delivers enterprise-level features, including simple management and monitoring interfaces, and HPC-level performance that optimizes both mixed and parallel I/O performance.


AMD FirePro S9170 Server GPU

AMD FirePro S9170 server GPU is a 32 GB single-GPU server card for DGEMM heavy double-precision workloads, with support for OpenCL 2.0. Based on the second-generation AMD Graphics Core Next (GCN) GPU architecture, it is capable of delivering up to 5.24 TFLOPS of peak single precision compute performance while enabling full throughput double precision performance, providing up to 2.62 TFLOPS of...

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Penguin Tundra Open Compute Server

The Open Compute Project (OCP)-compliant Tundra server family is based on Cavium's, 64-bit ARMv8 ThunderX workload optimized processors, enabling build-to-order server solutions for users with specialized hardware requirements in bioinformatics, federal government, enterprise, financial and Internet segments. The server platforms focus on highly-scalable Hyperscale and HPC-type workloads...


Teradata Appliance for Hadoop 5

Teradata Appliance for Hadoop 5 is configurable, ready-to-run and offers a choice of the latest version of Hadoop from Hortonworks (HDP 2.3), and for the first time, Cloudera (Cloudera Enterprise 5.4). The appliance facilitates integration with the Teradata Unified Data Architecture (UDA), a framework for organizations to address all types of data and multiple Teradata systems.

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WOS 360 2.0 Object Storage Platform

The WOS 360 2.0 object storage platform enables secure public and private cloud deployments, and delivers efficient data protection options for data-intensive environments, offering a full suite of options to expand use cases in enterprises, cloud, BYOD shared storage, deep archive, video streaming, and file sync and share offerings.


PowerEdge C6320 Server

The PowerEdge C6320 server is purpose-built for high-performance computing and hyper-converged solutions and appliances. It is designed to offer four independent server nodes in a 2U chassis. Compared to the previous generation, it provides up to two times the performance improvement on the LinPack spec.

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Extreme Density 6U MicroBlade Server Platform

The extreme-density 6U MicroBlade server platform targets hyper-scale data center, cloud, web hosting environments, video streaming, VDI and high performance video/graphics applications. It is a 6U, standard 19-inch rack-based, converged computing platform that combines the density, ease-of-use, manageability, high availability, serviceability and efficiency of blade servers with the cost...


SQream DB GPU-based Columnar SQL Database

SQream DB is a high-speed GPU-based columnar SQL database designed to uniquely address the speed, scalability and efficiency hurdles that face big data analytics. It is capable of processing and analyzing high volumes of data, while delivering a high cost/performance ratio. 

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NAG Library Mark 25

NAG Library Mark 25 includes 81 new mathematical and statistical routines. Features include least angle regression (LARS), least absolute shrinkage and selection operator (LASSO) and forward stagewise regression, nearest correlation matrix updates, unscented Kalman filter, change point analysis, high dimensional quadrature using sparse grids, bandwidth reduction of sparse matrix by reverse...

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Univa Universal Resource Broker, Powered by Grid Engine

Universal Resource Broker is an enterprise-class workload optimization solution for high performance, containerized and shared data centers. It is designed to enable organizations to achieve massive scalability of shared data center resources and to lay the foundation for the Internet of Things.

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