Are Scale-up Linux Systems Ready to Meet HPC Demands?
Are Scale-up Linux Systems Ready to Meet HPC Demands?Examining the present and future of platforms built around industry-standard chipsMany analysts and IT managers agree that the continued growth of Linux signals the beginning of the end of proprietary hardware and software as the solution for high-end computing. Recently, a panel of experts came together for a live Webcast entitled Scale-up Linux Goes Mainstream. The panelists examined how large scaled-up Linux systems that are built around industry-standard computer chips are now readily available and becoming the platform of choice for demanding HPC applications. The 60-minute online event, which is available on-demand as part of Scientific Computing’s HPC Webcast Series, provided the opportunity to listen to and interact with panelists through streaming video and audio as they discussed new solutions, best practices and actual case studies. Selected highlights from the discussion are presented in the excerpts that follow. Click here to view the full article [pdf]