Implementing a Successful Knowledge Management Solution
Implementing a Successful Knowledge Management SolutionHow to pull it all together to achieve a simple user experienceFrom drug discovery through approval and monitoring life cycles, a successful knowledge management solution can go a long way toward helping to achieve business goals. But how do you pull it all together to implement a successful platform? Recently, a panel of experts provided guidance on overcoming many of the common challenges — both technological and cultural — that are often associated with implementing a knowledge management solution. Discussion highlights included the value of simplification, standardization and integration, as well as how to utilize enterprise search, Web portals, taxonomy development and other content management tools.This interactive Webcast, entitled "How Can You Successfully Implement a Knowledge Management Solution?" provided the opportunity to listen to and interact with panelists through streaming video and audio as they discussed new solutions, trends and actual case studies. A part of Scientific Computing's High Performance Computing Webcast Series, the original 60-minute broadcast is now available for on-demand viewing. Selected highlights from the discussion are presented in the excerpts that follow. Click here to view the full article [pdf]