Performance, Pricing and Reliability: Selecting and configuring scalable CAE computing solutions
Performance, Pricing and ReliabilitySelecting and configuring scalable CAE computing solutions The past year has seen dramatic introductions of faster multi-core high performance computing solutions, as well as new choices of operating environments and cluster   switches. However, the average computer-aided engineering user is challenged to sift through these choices and to select a computing solution that achieves a fast, reliable and affordable job throughout. For example, which multi-core microprocessor architecture is the fastest? Can customers get the performance characterized by vendors? How will an investment in a new computing environment be protected as engineers demand greater capacity? What is the industry doing to help manage all the CAE simulation data? Recently, a panel of experts participated in an educational program featuring the combined expertise of a technical specialist, real-world customer and industry analyst to help guide users toward choices that will achieve greater returns on CAE investments. This interactive Webcast, entitled "Performance, Pricing and Reliability: Selecting and configuring scalable CAE computing solutions" provided the opportunity to listen to and interact with panelists through streaming video as they discussed new solutions, trends and actual case studies. A part of Scientific Computing's HPC Webcast Series, the original 60-minute broadcast is now available for on-demand viewing. Selected highlights from the discussion are presented in the excerpts that follow. Click here to view the full article [pdf]