Virtually All You Need
Leading-edge Trends and Technologies in Server Virtualization Virtualization is a hot buzzword in the computing industry today. What does it mean? What are the benefits? What technologies are available? How might it apply in a high performance computing world? "Virtually All You Need: Leading-edge Trends and Technologies in Server Virtualization," the latest in Scientific Computing's educational Webcast series, discusses attaining real value from server virtualization both today and tomorrow. How do you run multiple workloads on a server? What are some of the benefits and limitations of the technologies available for multiple vendors today such as VMware, Microsoft, Xen, HP and others? What are the future directions for server virtualization? This interactive streaming video Webcast, recently brought together three expert panelists to discuss where organizations see the best fit for virtualization, as well as some of the challenges — technological and cultural — that need to be addressed in virtualization projects. A part of the Scientific Computing's HPC Webcast Series, the original 60-minute broadcast is now available for on-demand viewing. Selected highlights from the discussion are presented in excerpts that follow.Click here to view the article [pdf]