Taking Control of the Data Tsunami
SCIENTIFIC COMPUTING presents an interactive, educational, streaming audio webcast   As science drives a rapidly growing need for storage within the scientific community, existing environments are facing increasing pressure to expand capabilities while controlling costs. Many researchers, scientists and engineers find that they are outgrowing their current system, but fear they may be too small to afford the staff and support needed with larger storage pools and a parallel file system. This educational Webcast features an expert panel of industry leaders in high-performance computing and storage who: • examine common problems and challenges • share industry best practices for developing and optimizing a storage use strategy • discuss the importance of a well-defined approach to management and maintenance • look at allocation considerations • share their personal experiences with successful applications • examine trends that are coming down the pike Join our panel of experts from Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC), Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) and Dell’s Advanced Systems Group for a lively discussion on how you can take control of the data tsunami that is happening in your own environment.   Presented by:   In Association with:  View On Demand Today Duration: 1 Hour Moderator Suzanne Tracy Editor-in-ChiefSCIENTIFIC COMPUTING Panelists David Cowley Capability Steward, Molecular Science Computing Operations, Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Tommy Minyard, Ph.D. Director of Advanced Computing Systems, Texas Advanced Computing Center,The University of Texas Austin   Mark R. Fernandez, Ph.D. HPC Computer Scientist, Advanced Systems Group,Dell Inc.