Power and Cooling: Compute More, Consume Less
SCIENTIFIC COMPUTING invites you to aneducational webcast   In recent years, researchers have witnessed a tremendous explosion in the amount of data generated each day, and have experienced an increase in the complexity of computations needed to effectively understand and analyze this data. This impact is most evident in high performance computing (HPC), with its very large data volumes and the high computational effort needed to process them. Such volumes require more compute power, storage arrays and networking switches than traditional IT environments. HPC managers and researchers alike must account for the energy costs of running and cooling an installation. These costs translate into two simple HPC data center goals for a given workload profile: to minimize computing equipment power consumption and to maximize cooling efficiency while minimizing cooling costs. Listen as our expert panel of industry leaders in high-performance power and cooling examine common problems, discuss potential solutions, share best practices and successful applications and, finally, look at future directions.   Presented by: In Association with:  Original Broadcast: Wednesday, July 27, 2011 Duration: 1 Hour Moderator Suzanne Tracy Editor-in-ChiefSCIENTIFIC COMPUTING Speakers Tommy Minyard, Ph.D. Director of Advanced Computing Systems, Texas Advanced Computing CenterThe University of Texas Austin  Henry M. Tufo, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Department of Computer ScienceUniversity of Colorado at Boulder John Fragalla HPC Senior TechnologistDell Inc.